Breath Work
with KayLou

Meet Kay, the founder of KayLou Klub and KayLou Clothing.

Kay is a qualified breath coach and has teamed up with us to provide our members with weekly breath work classes that your team can follow individually or in groups, at home or in the workplace – perfect for de-stressing and massively boosting productivity.

Signature ‘Sit-Strong’ Programme
With Altius Healthcare

We’ve teamed up with leading physiotherapy professionals Altius Healthcare and their director and head physio Doug Jones, to provide our members with his signature ‘Sit-Strong’ programme which combats and prevents the issues that arise from sitting for long periods.

Online Classes On Demand!
With LUV Fitness

We are delighted to join forces with LUV Fitness studios, who will now be providing our members with their unrivalled high-energy online classes that can be done alone or in groups, at home or in the office at lunch.

Weekly Yoga Classes
With Holly Bailey

Meet our resident yogi Holly Bailey. Holly adds new video classes to the website every week for our Whelthy members, allowing you to practice individually or as a group by bringing the yoga studio to your home or even the office!

Weekly Workouts
With Lizzy Goddard

Meet our elite personal trainer Lizzy Goddard. Lizzy provides our Whelthy members with new video workouts every week for you to follow. Challenge yourself individually or workout in groups, at home, at the gym or even in the workplace at lunch!.

Conscious Breathing - The Whelthy Way

There are many practices out there to help ground yourself and balance you when you may be feeling overwhelmed or a little out of sync...

Welcome To Our New Website
Explore Everything Whelthy

After months of planning, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website...

Brand Name
The Secret Behind the Name

A strong brand name invokes excitement and passion. It promotes intrigue and mystery. It draws you in...

The Whelthy Mums Programme
Whelthy Mums Programme

Due to the nature of our busy lives, taking a break to look after yourself might sometimes feel like a luxury...

The Benefits of Circuit Training
Why so many people love circuit training

Here at WHELTHY we incorporate circuit training into all our programmes, read to find out why!