Brand Name

Brand Name

The Secret Behind the Name

A strong brand name invokes excitement and passion. It promotes intrigue and mystery. It draws you in. A good name should help you remember a brand and make you want to find out more.
It should tell you something about the brand, whilst not giving too much away. And above all, it should make you interested.

This is Whelthy: a brand that’s passionate about health and wellness. The name itself is strong and bold, and right off the bat you pretty much know what you’re getting, but it’s captivating and you still want to find out more. 

Combining two words that pretty much describe the brand, ‘healthy’ and ‘wealthy’ we create a new word that redefines what it is to be ‘wealthy’ and that is ‘whelthy’. When you hear the word wealthy you instantly think of money, nice watches, and fancy cars and that’s not what this brand is about. 

This brand is all about finding wealth where it’s most important, in your lifestyle, mindset, and health. So when we say we are Whelthy, we’re telling people we live a healthy lifestyle, with a positive, strong and empathetic mindset.

Whelthy isn’t about what you can take from the world, it’s about what you can give back.

Because at the end of the day, health brings wealth.