Circuit Training

The Benefits of Circuit Training
Why so many people love circuit training

Here at WHELTHY we incorporate circuit training into all our programmes, read to find out why! 

Group Fitness Classes
The Benefits of Training Together

Attending a group fitness class gets you up off the couch and out of the same four walls of your home to meet people...

The Ultimate Fighter Circuit
Killer Workout!

Become the ultimate fighter with this killer workout, push yourself to the limit! 

Lower Body Circuit #2
Look those Quads!

Build lower body strength this killer circuit, working each and every muscle in your lower body

Lower Body Circuit #1
Work Them Glutes!

Build up your lower body strength with this workout, don't forget to focus on your technique! 

Upper Body Circuit #1
Work them Deltoids!

Using resistance bands in your work out will further build on muscle definition

Cardio and Core Blast
Try this killer abs blast!

If you want something to fire up those abs, try this killer abs blast! You know what they say... no pain no gain...