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Helping Individuals With Autism & other Learning Disabilities

At Whelthy it is a massive goal of ours to help individuals with autism and other learning disabilities (LD).

As founder and CEO, it is hugely important to me because my brother has autism so having grown up around the condition I know first-hand the challenges it presents to the individuals themselves and also to the families of those individuals and to the people who care for them.

People with learning disabilities are unique, each with their own specific characteristics, personalities and stories and our ‘Whelthy Social’ programme has something for all of them that will help to improve their quality of life, whatever their circumstances and conditions.

My mum worked with children and young adults with autism so I am well aware of the challenging but amazing work that is done by care teams all over the world. For this reason it is extremely important to me that as part of our programme we also help each care team member with their own mental and physical health & wellbeing by providing them with their own personal Whelthy account that they can use 24/7.

How We Can Help

The Whelthy Social programme brings all aspects of health & wellness together enabling carers to devise engaging strategies for the individual/s they care for while fitting in with their specific needs.

Our website doubles-up as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets allowing individuals and their carers to use whatever they need, wherever they are, whenever they want. 

Helping the individuals with autism/LD to have a better quality of life by improving general mood & self-confidence, reducing challenging behaviours, losing weight, reducing medications etc.
Helping the care teams with their own mental and physical health & wellbeing.
Providing an incentive for individuals to choose your service.

"Research shows that people with learning disabilities have poorer health, and receive poorer healthcare, than people without learning disabilities." (NHS Digital)

Whelthy Social Programme

Check out the short film below, documenting A.G’s story detailing his life-changing progress from following the Whelthy Social programme.

"37.5% of people with a learning disability are classified as obese; this is much greater than those without a learning disability" - NHS Digital. 

What Is Whelthy Social?

At Whelthy we firmly believe that all individuals with learning disabilities should be given the opportunity to have their own voice and make their own choices.

  • The Whelthy Social platform is a daily log set in a social media-style format where individuals can document their day with pictures, voicenotes and emoticons. This enables them to interact with parents, carers and teachers, allowing them to express themselves in a safe and fun environment.

  • The platform also contains sensory video content which allows users to create their own sensory room whenever they need, at the touch of a button.

  • The video content library also includes follow-along recipe videos, anti-anxiety breath work, yoga and a range of workouts for individuals to use individually or alongside their carers/parents.

  • Available in smartphone, tablet and desktop format enabling use anytime, anywhere.

What Each Carer Gets

Each carer will receive their own personal Whelthy online account which includes full access to the following...

Self-care plan.
Daily mindfulness journal.
Whelthy Challenges - Access to all of our individual & group challenges, promoting teamwork and being active both at work and at home.
3 nutrition plans - Covering all ages, circumstances, lifestyles and goals.
'Sit-Strong' Programme - Info, exercises and video content from a leading physiotherapist, helping to prevent discomfort & injuries resulting from sitting for long periods.
Monthly video content - Yoga classes & a range of workout classes, uploaded monthly by our elite personal trainers & yoga instructor. Plus anti-stress & anxiety breath work classes from our qualified breath coach and cook-along recipe videos with new menus every month.
Recipe catalogue - Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts & smoothies (including vegan & vegetarian).
Confidential support via phone helpline and social media for anyone struggling with mental health and/or addiction.
Blogs, tips and info on all things health and wellness.
Exclusive brand discounts on products ranging from supplements to clothing to coffee.

Online Classes & Challenges

We have a team of health and fitness professionals to help people with autism/LD and their carers to have a better quality of life and to get the best out of themselves on a daily basis.

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