Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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I work for the NHS and have been given a free code. Do I have to pay at any stage?

No. Whelthy provides free lifetime memberships to all NHS workers.

The company that I work for have given me a free code. Do I have to pay at any stage?

No. You will have free access to Whelthy for the duration of your employer’s contract with us after which your account will no longer be active. You will not be charged at any time.

Do I have to cancel my Whelthy subscription if I don’t use it?

No. It is here for if/when you want to use it.

What do I do if I paid by accident?

You would need to reclaim the payment through your bank. We do not have access to any member’s bank details/information.

Can I switch programmes once I have logged in?

Yes. Subscribing gives you full access to all three Whelthy nutrition programmes, mindfulness plan and resources. You can switch freely between them anytime.

I don’t eat meat. Will Whelthy be suitable for me?

No problem. Whelthy is suitable for all lifestyles such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and even fussy eaters!

I have a disability/injury and am therefore unable to exercise. Will Whelthy still work for me?

Yes. You don’t need to exercise to get the benefits of Whelthy. The nutrition and mindfulness sections still produce great results regardless of exercise.

Do I have to totally give up alcohol and junk food to get results?

Absolutely not! The reason Whelthy is so sustainable is because it allows you to still have fun while pursuing your goals - check out our treat window tips inside and thank us later ;)